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AODV Routing Strategy Based on Joint Coding and Load Balancing

WANG Zhen-chao1,2, SONG Bo-yao1, BAI Li-sha1   

  1. College of Electronic Informational Engineering,Hebei University,Baoding,Hebei 071002,China 1
    Key Laboratory of Digital Medical Engineering of Hebei Province,Baoding,Hebei 071002,China 2
  • Received:2017-09-18 Online:2018-11-05 Published:2018-11-05

Abstract: In wireless mesh,this paper proposed an optimized routing strategy Coding-aware and Load balanced AODV (CLAODV).The strategy can not only enable the AODV routing protocol to support inter-stream coding,but also solve the load imbalance problem caused by inter-stream coding.The proposed strategy allows multiple downstream nodes of coding node to jointly decode the same coded packet to increase the coding opportunities on the path.A new routing metric parameter ECTXL,which can simultaneously reflect the coding gain,path packet loss rate and the path load le-vel,was designed.The CLAODV strategy can be routed based on this parameters.The simulation results show that the proposed CLAODV routing strategy can increase the path coding opportunities effectively,improve the network throughput,and significantly reduce the routing delay and bandwidth resource overhead compared with other related routing strategies.

Key words: AODV, Joint decoding, Coding gain, Load balancing

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