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Network Security Emergency Response Based on CBR and Description Logic

JIANG Fei, GU Tian-long, XU Zhou-bo and CHANG Liang   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Network security emergency response is the focus of information security policy for future.The current emergency response mainly depends on the incident response team and safety manager,which can effectively deal with part of security incidents,but not give the reasonable,fast,effective processing method for security incidents under specific environment.To solve this problem,the paper proposed an intelligent method based on case based reasoning and description logic for network security emergency response,to handle specific security incidents automatically.First,we used description logic to describe domain knowledge of network security emergency response,and then designed a good matching algorithm of similarity based on refinement operator and refinement graph,gave the realization process of the CBR in emergency response,and finally used the specific examples to validate the proposed method in this paper.The results show that the method has the characteristics of clear semantics,automatic classification of concept and good reasoning ability,and can get the current problem solution from past security incidents,and is capable of giving the handling method of security incidents under specific environment.

Key words: Network security incident,Case based reasoning,Description logic,Emergency response

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