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Study on Quality Assessment Model for Mobile Videos over 3G Network

CHEN Xi-hong, JIN Yue-hui and YANG Tan   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: With the rapid development of 3rd generation network technology,the mobile video service has attracted more attention of the mobile users than ever.Compared to the traditional cable network video servi-ce,mobile video service is more sensitive to the transport condition and there can be more probabilities of bit error.And the performance of mobile video is limit to the configuration of mobile devices’ hardware,which means it’s necessary to choose an appropriate way to encode video for mobile videos.Besides,some other factors can affect the quality of user experience for mobile videos as well,such as video contents,user’s interests and so on.All these factors make it difficult for the mobile video service providers to evaluate the quality for mobile videos,as well as leading to an improvement of the mobile video experience for users.At present,most of the researches on assessment of video quality depend on quality of service.But it is not an effective method,because this method doesn’t take the factors of user experience into consideration.Therefore we proposed a new subjective assessment of quality for mobile video,and in the research we adopted a user intervention approach when collecting data and focusing on user experience in order to achieve scientific and effective strategies to evaluate the quality for mobile video service.

Key words: Mobile video quality,QoE,Subjective assessment,Analytic hierarchy process

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