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α-Semantic Resolution Method Based on Linguistic Truth-valued Lattice-valued Propositional Logic

ZHANG Jia-feng, XU Yang and CHEN Qin   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Linguistic-values-based intelligent information processing is one of the most important research directions in artificial intelligence,and resolution-based automated reasoning has been extensively studied because of its easy implement on computer.For improving the efficiency of α-resolution principle in linguistic truth-valued lattice-valued logic,we applied the semantic resolution strategy to α-resolution and investigated the resolution-based automated reasoning methodin lattice-valued logic.Firstly,the equivalence of α-semantic resolution in linguistic truth-valued lattice-valued propositional logic LV(n×2)P(X) and the α-semantic resolution in corresponding resolution level for LnP(X) was given,and the effectiveness of α-semantic resolution method was illustrated through an example.Subsequently,the semantic resolution algorithm for this resolution was investigated,and sound theorem and weak complete theorem of this semantic resolution method were proved.

Key words: Automated reasoning,Semantic resolution,Linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra,Lattice-valued logic

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