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Distributed Construction for (k,m)-Fault Tolerant Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Sensor Network

MA Chen-ming, WANG Wan-liang and HONG Zhen   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Virtual backbone based on connected dominating set can prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor network.However,considering nodes are prone to failure,virtual backbone also needs to have a certain degree of fault tolerance.In this regard,a fully distributed algorithm was proposed for fault tolerance constructing k-connected m-dominated set for arbitrary k and m values.The algorithm can be extended in the heterogeneous network.It constructs connected do-minating set firstly,then makes all common nodes m-dominating with the idea of maximum independent set and greedy,and finally extends the connected dominated set k-connectivity by the common neighbor nodes in the local topology.Simulation experiments confirm that the algorithm can obtain better size k-connected m-dominating set with low message overhead.

Key words: Wireless sensor network,Fault tolerance,k-connected m-dominated set,Heterogeneity,Distributed algorithm

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