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Research and Advances on Deep Learning

SUN Zhi-yuan, LU Cheng-xiang, SHI Zhong-zhi and MA Gang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Deep learning (DL) is a recently-developed field belonging to machine learning.It tries to mimic the human brain,which is capable of processing the complex input data fast,learning different knowledge intellectually,and solving different kinds of complicated human intelligence tasks well.Recently,with the advent of a fast learning algorithm for DL,the machine learning community set off a surge to study the theory and applications of DL since it has many advantages.Practice shows that deep learning is a kind of high efficient feature extraction method,which can detect more abstract characteristics and realize the essence of the data,and the model constructed by DL tends to have stronger genera-lization ability.Due to the advantages and wide applications of deep learning,this paper attempted to provide a started guide for novice.It presented a detailed instruction of the background and the theoretical principle of deep learning,its emblematic models,its representative learning algorithm,the latest progress and applications.Finally,some research directions of deep learning that are deserved to be further studied were discussed.

Key words: Deep learning,Machine learning,Deep neural network,Image recognition,Speech recognition,Natural language processing

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