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Dissemination of Negative Word-of-mouth in Online Community Based on Agent-based Simulation

CAI Shu-qin, WANG Wei, ZHOU Peng and CUI Xiao-lan   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: With the development of Web2.0,the online community has become a convenient media for dissemination of negative word-of-mouth,and negative word-of-mouth in online community can directly or indirectly affect the economic interests of the enterprise as well as customer loyalty.Based on the perspective of characteristics of information dissemination,combined with multi-agent modeling method and virus propagation models,this paper used Netlogo platform for simulation experiments of negative word-of-mouth dissemination in online community.The simulation mainly includes the participation of online community and the information value of negative word-of-mouth which impact the dissemination process of negative word-of-mouth.The results suggest that the participation of online community and higher information value of negative word-of-mouth can both obviously promote the dissemination process of negative word-of-mouth.We also provided some countermeasures for enterprises to deal with the negative word-of-mouth,e.g.focusing on the role of online community and high information value of negative word-of-mouth,which could handle massive amounts of negative word-of-mouth with shorter time and lower cost,thereby reducing the economic losses and improving the customer loyalty.

Key words: Negative word-of-mouth,Online community,Multi-agent simulation,Information value

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