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Relaxed Optimal Balanced Streaming Graph Partitioning Algorithm

YIN Xiao-bo and LUO En   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: During the distributed processing of large scale graph data,it usually needs to partition the whole graph into different nodes.If the partition isn’t balanced,some of the nodes may be the bottleneck of the distributed system.In order to achieve a balanced partition and handle the quick updates of graph efficiently,this paper proposed a relaxed optimal balanced streaming graph partitioning algorithm.Firstly,we defined an objective function including costs of both inter-partitions and intra-partition as the general graph partition framework.Secondly,we analyzed the graph partition problem according to a maximal and a minimal optimization functions based within the proposed framework,and gave their relationships.Finally,we proposed a greedy optimal graph k-partitions algorithm upon the streaming graph.The experiments show that,the proposed graph partitioning algorithm have better balance and lower communication cost than related works,and upper applications upon this algorithm have better performance.

Key words: Graph,Balanced graph partitioning,Distributed computing,Heuristic algorithm

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