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Decision Tree Based Coding Unit Splitting Algorithm for HEVC

CEN Yue-feng, WANG Wan-liang, YAO Xin-wei, WANG Chao-chao and PAN Tie-qiang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: To reduce the computational complexity of high efficient video coding (HEVC),a decision tree based coding unit (CU) splitting algorithm was proposed.The splitting of the CU is seen as a classification problem.Furthermore,splitting information extracted from CUs is added to the decision tree model for principle learning.A decision tree based classifier is obtained after the principle learning.Then the classifier is used to determine the splitting of the CU if the classification condition is satisfied.Thus,the computation of rate distortion (RD) cost is skipped,and the encoding computational complexity is reduced.Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed mechanism achieves significant reduction of the encoding computational complexity,while still maintaining high video coding quality.

Key words: HEVC,Computational complexity,Decision tree,Rate distortion,PSNR

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