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Segmentation Coding Scheme Based on Simple Regenerating Codes

WANG Jing, LUO Wei, OUYANG Ming-sheng, JIANG Can and WANG Xin-mei   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Combining RS erasure codes with simple XOR operation,simple regenerating codes can realize single failed node repair on the basis of tolerating any n-k node failure.In this paper,based on the repair process of simple regenera-ting codes,we proposed a new segmentation coding scheme.Concretely,we divided the f coded blocks with the same index into two sections,and then XOR operation was used on the coded blocks of each section to generate a new parity block.Performance analysis and simulation results show that,at a little expense of storage overhead,the proposed segmentation coding scheme based on simple regeneration code can optimize the repair bandwidth and disk I/O overhead,which proves the correctness and effectiveness of this scheme.

Key words: Distributed storage,Simple regenerating codes,Node repairing,Segmentation code

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