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Approach to Modeling Software Evolution Process for Synchronous Interaction

QIAN Ye, LI Tong, YU Yong, SUN Ji-hong, YU Qian and PENG Lin   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: In the background of globalization software development,frequency and complexity of interactive collaborative development among software development teams are higher and higher.In order to improve the quality of software by controlling and regulating the behavior of the software evolution development,EPMM was designed in paper [10].However,the software evolution process model which is defined by the EPMM fails to formally describe the characteri-stics of synchronous interaction.In this paper,based on four levels(global,process,activity and task) in the software evolution process defined by EPMM,CEPMM was designed.Because it is in activity level that software evolution process model which is defined by CEPMM can describe synchronous interaction of it,an approach to modeling software evolution process in activity level was put forward based on CCS.At last,the activity modeling visualization tool CAmodel of software evolution process was built in visual studio platform.Not only concurrency,iteration and so on,but also synchronous interaction of the software evolution process can be described by model defined by CEPMM,which lay the foundation for analyzing and reasoning mathematically.

Key words: Software evolution process meta-model(CEPMM),Calculus of communication systems(CCS),Synchronous interaction

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