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Partially Regenerating Codes Combined with Replicas

DING Bing-chen and LI Wei-zhong   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: n,k,d) Regenerating codes(RC) significantly reduce repair bandwidth by allowing storage nodes to send the linear combinations of their data to the newcomer and increasing repair degree d.But they bring in more participating nodes and disk I/O.To solve this problem,this paper introduced partially regenerating codes(PRC) which combine RC (n,k,d,λ,θ) with replicas.PRC have also a threshold function and two special points:minimum-storage point and minimum-bandwidth point.PRC can simultaneously reduce repair bandwidth and disk I/O by utilizing repair degree d and replica factor θ.When the storage capacity of all nodes are the same,the repair bandwidth and disk I/O per node of PRC are superior to that of RC.The results of quantitative comparison also show that,comparing to RC,on minimum-storage point,PRC have less mean repair bandwidth and disk I/O;on minimum-bandwidth point,PRC have less mean disk I/O and mean repair bandwidth to similar RC.What’s more important is that PRC is achievable when d≤n-2.

Key words: Regenerating codes,Replica,Repair bandwidth,Disk I/O,Repair degree

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