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Gait Recognition Based on Decomposition of Optical Flow Components

LUO Zheng-ping, LIU Yan-jun and YANG Tian-qi   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Gait recognition has gained tremendous attention for its characteristics of long distance and hard-to-disguise.Aiming at the problem of insufficient information of the existing feature extraction method,this paper proposed a novel gait recognition method based on the decomposition of optical flow components.The positive transverse or longitudinal components in gait optical flow image are decomposed by rows and columns,then the transverse and longitudinal components of optical flow for each row or colum are calculated,and four feature vectors are obtained.The four vectors are fused according to their weight in recognition.Principle components analysis and linear discriminant analysis techniques-are combined,and dynamic time warping algorithm is used to match.Finally,K-nearest neighbor algorithm is used for classification.Experiments on CASIA Database B and C show that,the proposed method achieves recognition accuracy of 97%,90% and 64% respectively under the conditions of normal,backpack-wearing and coat-wearing,88% and 87% under conditions of slow walking and fast walking.

Key words: Gait recognition,Optical flow,Principle components analysis,Linear discriminant analysis,Dynamic time warping,Feature fusion

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