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Design of Multi-hop Routing Protocol in WSN Based on Sun SPOT

LI Yang, ZHAO Yun-long, SONG Hong-tao and YAO Nian-min   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: The multi-hop routing protocol is one of the key technologies in wireless sensor networks.The conventional multi-hop transmission protocols generate some problems in the actual application of wireless sensor networks,such as undue complexity of the deployment process.To solve these problems,we proposed a flexible and practical multi-hop routing protocol called SCMP (Sink Controlling Multi-hop Protocol),which is based on the sink nodes controlling.Sink nodes control sensor nodes by sending command packets to the whole topology,collect the routing information of each node to form the global route,and then control the data transmission of each node on the basis of the global information.We evaluated the SCMP by deploying it on the Sun SPOT platform.The results indicate that the new scheme is more flexible and practical,and has better system performance.

Key words: Wireless sensor networks,Multi-hops transmission,Sink nodes,Sun SPOT

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