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Large Damaged Area Image Inpainting Algorithm Based on Matching Model for Broken Structure Line

NIE Hong-yu, ZHAI Dong-hai, YU Jiang and WANG Meng   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: To solve the problems such as mismatching connecting or unsmooth connecting,when inpainting large damaged region with complicated structure information,an image inpainting algorithm based on matching model for broken structure line was proposed in this paper.Firstly,several potential factors which impact the calculation of the matching degree between the broken structure lines are analyzed deeply,and different weights are assigned into different factors based on their significance.On that basis,a matching model for broken structure lines is constructed to get matching pairs among these broken structure lines.Secondly,the fitting structure lines can be obtained smoothly according to these matching pairs,and they can partition the large damaged region into different blocks.At last,block matching algorithm is adopted to pixel filling in these damaged blocks.Compared with improved Crimimsi algorithm,Hays algorithm and IIPBDR algorithm in 6 experiments,our approach can match the broken structure lines accurately,and can smoothly connect these broken structure lines guided by the matching result.The experimental results demonstrate that our approach can effectively inpaint large damage region with complicated structure,and its inpainting result has a better visualconnectivity.

Key words: Large damaged region,Broken structure line,Matching model,Matching degree,Block inpainting

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