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Research on Sense Guessing of Chinese Unknown Words Based on Knowledge Graph

ZHU Feng, GU Min, ZHENG Hao, GU Yan-hui, ZHOU Jun-sheng and QU Wei-guang   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Semantic study based on traditional corpus has lots of limits,such as updating infrequently and being language-related.To tackle such issues,sense guessing of Chinese unknown words based on knowledge graph(KG) was proposed in this paper.KG is a semantic network containing entities,concepts and semantic relations.It has a huge number of entities and relations and it is very convenient to add them into the KG,which makes it possible to fix the infrequent updating problem.After the introduction of the structure of knowledge graph,how to get data and ways to process them,some exploration about KG-based sense guessing of Chinese unknown words were excuted.At last,Bai-duBaike,which has the most abundant chinese-related data,is used as the corpus with traditional ones to do experiments that are particularly designed to use one specific sense guessing model.This paper also compared the results of experiments based on different knowledge bases and proposed some improvement work.

Key words: Sense guessing of Chinese unknown words,Semantic annotation,Knowledge graph

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