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SQL Energy Consumption Forecasting Model Based on Database Load Status

GUO Bing-lei, YU Jiong, LIAO Bin and YANG De-xian   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: In a typical database server,performance (throughput or response time) is the first-class optimization goal.However,energy consumption of database systems is ignored by the service providers and users,which makes the high energy consumption be a serious problem in data centers in the processing of chasing performance.Building energy consumption model for query workload is the first step to create a green database.By quantifying the system resources (CPU and Disk) consumed by query workload and transforming the time cost and energy cost into two independent models (time estimation model and power estimation model),the energy estimation model with uniform resource unit was implemented in a single-site database server.Using the multiple linear regression method to compute the key parameters of the above models,experimental results prove the feasibility of our model.To further prove the accuracy and efficiency of the above model,we also made it work under two different system settings (static system and dynamic system),making it more suitable for building the energy-aware green database.

Key words: Green computing,SQL execution energy consumption,Query processing,Green database

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