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Efficiency Optimization of Jaccard’s Similarity Coefficient Based on Two Dimensional Partition

LIAO Bin, ZHANG Tao, YU Jiong, GUO Bing-lei and LIU Ji   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the exponential growth of Internet users and content,the efficiency of the Jaccard’s similarity coefficient algorithm under big data scenario is more important than ever before.In order to improve the efficiency of Jaccard’ssimilarity computing process,the implementation that the algorithm was analyzed under MapReduce architecture.Combining the characteristics of the Spark is more suitable for the iterative and interactive tasks,we transformed the algorithm from the MapReduce platform to Spark based on two dimensional partition algorithm.And we improved the efficiency of the algorithm by parameter adjustment,memory optimization and other.methods.With two data sets running on 3 clusters with different number of datanodes,the experimental results show that,compared with MapReduce,the algorithm execution efficiency under Spark platform improves more than 4 times,and energy efficiency improves more than 3 times.

Key words: Green computing,MapReduce,Task scheduling,Temperature-aware

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