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Research and Application of Social Network Data Acquisition Technology

XU Yan-fei, LIU Yuan and WU Wen-peng   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the rapid development of social networks,the study on it is also gradually deepening.Obviously,the acquisition of basic data of social networks has very important significance to the study.In this paper,aiming at the exis-ting data acquisition programs,according to the Sina authorization standards and the latest microblog encryption,the paper studied two kinds of acquisition programs.One obtains data through the API interface after the OAuth2.0 certification,and another crawls data through the Web crawler after being simulated by the RSA2 encryption.At the same time,it also studied the acquisition of the data by using the appropriate acquisition rules for the microblog.Three kinds of data acquisition programs are able to collect the data effectively and they have their own characteristics.According to the requirements of data acquisition,the fusion of different acquisition programs were proposed in this paper.Through the experimental study,the fusion strategy can quickly and efficiently obtain vast amount of data.

Key words: Python,Microblog API,Simulated login,Web crawler,Collector,Fusion strategy

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