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Cache Management Mechanism Study in HTML5 Hybrid Mobile Social Applications

ZHONG Yuan, WANG Jing, HAN Yan-bo and XING Qi-yuan   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the development of the mobile Internet,the hybrid development,as a way of rapid development,has become a trend.This approach can not only reflect the characteristics of Web applications which is both suitable for IOS and Android platform,but also can solve the problem which the web application cannot call the underlying resources of operating system.Nowadays,social application generally have a large number of pictures,When duplicate pictures accessed multiple times from server,it will consume client flow and increase the latency of access.However,today’s cache mechanism of hybrid application development frameworks can not solve the problem described above.So,this paper proposed a management mechanism of picture cache which is suitable for mixing mobile social applications,it provides a native module of picture cache management for use by developers in hybrid mode,and it can be used in social applications.Meanwhile,we put forward an algorithm of picture cache replacement based on social relationships.It considers enough influence factors,including close value of social relationships among users in social applications,the LRU algorithm,image size space.Practical application shows that the algorithm we proposed can increase the cache hit ratio of hybrid mobile social applications.

Key words: Hybrid application,Cache,Mobile social,Mobile application

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