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Synchronization Calibration Method about Local Clock of Sink Node and RTC Clock of Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

PEI Xu-ming, LI Wen-yan, ZHU Zheng-hang and KANG Kai   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: In order to reduce the power consumption of the sensor nodes as far as possible,the sensor nodes in the absence of business need to turn into the dormant state.However,while the sensor nodes are in the dormant state,only the internal RTC clock module is working.As the crystal oscillator of RTC module is greatly affected by temperature and other factors,it will result in low precision of RTC clock.The sensor node will miss the preset time and fail to communicate with the sink node when it is automatically awakened.Such a new synchronization calibration method about local clock of sink node and RTC clock of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks was proposed.The method abandons the previous practice that directly making temperature parameters compensation on internal crystal oscillator of the RTC module in sensor nodes.In the method,the sensor nodes adjust their own RTC clock dynamically to make the clock time of sensor nodes and sink node keep consistent according to the local clock of sink node.

Key words: Dormant state,RTC clock,Synchronization calibration

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