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Heterogeneous Storage Aware Data Placement of Ceph Storage System

LIU Fei, JIANG De-jun, ZHANG Huan, CHEN Jing, WANG Jun and XIONG Jin   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Ceph distributed storage system is becoming a widely used open source cloud storage solution.Heterogeneous storage can provide large capacity and high performance storage while maintaining low cost if it uses an effective data management strategy.Using heterogeneous storage devices in Ceph currently cannot effectively exploit the performance of heterogeneous storage devices.Since multiple replicas of the data can be stored in different storage media,the performance and cost of different device combinations for multiple replicas are not the same.In this paper,a data placement method was proposed for heterogeneous storage based on Ceph.The method puts different data on different replica combination based on the access intensity and read/write ratio,which can effectively improve the system performance while controlling the cost of the system.

Key words: Heterogeneous storage,Data placement,Replicas,Ceph

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