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Improved Apriori Algorithm and Its Application Based on MapReduce

ZHAO Yue, REN Yong-gong and LIU Yang   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the rapid development of mobile communications and Internet technology,it becomes one of the hot issues in the field of data mining that how to analyze the requirements of mobile users efficiently and send useful informations in time.In order to recommend the analysis result to users efficiently and timely,a mining method named MRS-Apriori algorithm based on MapReduce was proposed.This method defines a kind of coding rule to optimize database based on classical Apriori algorithm.A judging mark named Judgemark is added to database to decide whether the transaction database is frequent.This mechanism improves the efficiency of MRS-Apriroi algorithm in connecting database to scan database efficiently.On the basis of encoding rules,the MRS-Apriroi algorithm uses MapReduce programming framework model under Hadoop to achieve parallel processing.It improves the performance of iteration when connecting process and reduces the time in dealing with large-scale data.The experiment results show that MRS-Apriroi algorithm can effectively reduce time and have high accuracy in handling large data sets.

Key words: Coding rules,Association rules,Frequent itemsets,MapReduce framework

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