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Improved Entropy Coding Algorithm for Transform Coefficients in HEVC

SHAN Na-na, ZHOU Wei and DUAN Zhe-min   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Transform coefficients coding has been the bottleneck of influencing the efficiency of video coding because of the complexity of entropy coding and the quantity of transform coefficients in high efficient video coding.There are many zeroes and small absolute values in transform coefficients.According to some features of context adaptive binary arithmetic coding and bypass coding,an improved entropy coding algorithm for transform coefficients was proposed by reducing some context adaptive binary arithmetic coding bins.Experiment results show that compared with HM 10.0,the proposed algorithm can provide 37.31%,26.34% and 20.63% time savings at QP being 2,2 and 22 respectively.

Key words: High efficient video coding (HEVC),Entropy coding,Context adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC),Regular coding,Bypass coding,Transform coefficient,Quantization parameter (QP)

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