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Distribution Reduction in Inconsistent Interval-valued Decision Systems

ZHANG Nan, XU Xin, TONG Xiang-rong, GAO Xue-yi and JIANG Li-li   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Different classification features in decision systems can be kept by knowledge reduction which is one of the hottest issues in rough set theory.The confidence level is unchanged because of distribution reduction in decision systems.For providing the measure criterion for universe classification in interval-valued decision systems,the similarity coefficient was introduced in this paper.To extend the equivalence relation in Pawlak decision systems to the tolerance relation in interval-valued decision systems,we proposed the concept of distribution reduction in inconsistent interval-valued decision systems.Aiming at the proposed concept,we provided the computational method of corresponding discernibility matrix.We also discussed the relation of distribution reduction and generalized decision reduction in interval-valued decision systems.Finally,experiments show that the novel method is effective.

Key words: Knowledge reduction,Interval-valued decision systems,Distribution reduction,Tolerance relation

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