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Research on Essential Protein Identification Method Based on Improved PSO Algorithm

HONG Hai-yan and LIU Wei   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: The essential protein is the most important material basis for the maintenance of all life activities in the living body.With the development of high throughput technology,how to identify the essential proteins from the protein interaction network has become a hot research topic in proteomics.For most of the existing methods are only based on the information of network topology for recognition as well as high false positive of protein-protein interaction data,this paper presented the improved particle swarm algorithm to identify the essential proteins.We considered the network topology characteristics and multi-source biological attribute information to construct the high quality of the weighted networks.We also considered node links between protein to measure the essentiality of protein,and expanded the local network topology to the second-order neighbor,improving the accuracy greatly.We proposed a measure of the overall top-pindex,which reduces the computational complexity.The experimental results on standard data sets show that our algorithm is superior to other algorithms in comparison with other classical algorithms,which can identify more proteins with higher accuracy.

Key words: Essential protein,PSO,PPI

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