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Study on Invulnerability of Router-level Internet Based on MapReduce

ZHU Kai-long, LU Yu-liang and YANG Bin   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: We used MapReduce to study the invulnerability of router-level Internet.In order to evaluate network invulnerability,two new measures of invulnerability were proposed:network connectivity ratio and efficiency ratio.We designed the analysis algorithm of the Internet invulnerability based on MapReduce (AIIMR) using the two new mea-sures.The algorithm simulates the different attack on the Internet.The experimental results show the problem of traditional measure in measuring the router network and prove the validity of the proposed measure.The experimental results also show that the attacked router-level Internet is robust at random attack and fragile at targeted attack.Finally,the experiment proves that the proposed MapReduce algorithm effectively improves the efficiency,and has good sca-lability.

Key words: Router-level Internet,Invulnerability,Distributed computing,AIIMR

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