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Advances in Image Reranking

ZHAO Xiao-yan, LIU Hong-zhe, YUAN Jia-zheng and YANG Shao-peng   

  • Online:2018-05-15 Published:2018-07-25

Abstract: In recent years,with the rapid development of Internet technology and the popularity of multimedia terminals electronic products,improving the efficiency of image search is a challenge in the media retrieval.The research of image search is a hot issue in the field of image.At present,many current commercial image search techniques have been applied,but the search results cannot meet the needs of users because of the existence of “semantic gap”.The search results still have some noise.Image search reordering is helpful to solve this problem.Based on the initial search,results can be more accurate and more abundant after reranking.In this paper,the research progress of image search reranking technology was introduced,and the current research methods were summarized and analyzed.The advantages and disadvantages of these methods and the key technologies in recent years were compared.The latest research progress and the future development of image search reranking and the future development were also given.

Key words: Image search,Reranking,Clustering,Classification,Map

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