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Object Contour Extraction Algorithm Based on Biological Visual Feature

WU Jing1, YANG Wu-nian2, SANG Qiang1   

  1. College of Information Science &Technology,Chengdu University of Technology,Chengdu 610059,China 1
    College of Earth Science,Chengdu University of Technology,Chengdu 610059,China 2
  • Received:2018-02-02 Online:2018-11-05 Published:2018-11-05

Abstract: Object contour extraction from natural scenes plays an important role in computer vision.However,it is difficult to preserve the integrality of the object contour in cluttered scenes because of non-meaningful edges engendered from texture field.Recently,the task benefits from a biologically motivated mechanism called as surround suppression (SS) that can preserve the object boundaries while suppressing the texture edges.Nevertheless,the traditional models just adopt a simple combination method of intersection and union that fails to process the short edges with intensity response.This paper proposed an improved natural images object contour extraction algorithm based on biological visual feature.Firstly,a candidate edge set is obtained by multi-level suppression method.Secondly,an edge combination methodbased on biological visual feature is used to combine candidate edges to a completed contour.Experiments show that theproposed method improves the accuracy and integrality compared to the traditional surround suppression methods.

Key words: Contour extraction, Surround suppression, Visual feature, Edge detection, Natural images

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