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Incremental Data Extraction Model Based on Variable Time-window

LIU Jie, WANG Gui-ling, ZUO Xiao-jiang   

  1. (Department of Computer,North China University of Technology,Beijing 100144,China)
    (Beijing Key Laboratory on Integration and Analysis of Large-scale Stream Data,Beijing 100144,China)
  • Received:2017-09-16 Published:2019-02-25

Abstract: Continuously extracting and integrating the changed data from different data sources based on appropriate data extraction model is crucial for sharing data between different heterogeneous systems and building the incremental data warehouse to analyze data.There exists a problem of efficiency of data extraction in the traditional timestamp based changed-data-capture method.As long as the exception occurs during the data extraction,the whole data extraction progress willfail.In that case,the database must be rolled back,which reduces the efficiency of extraction.To address the problem above,this paper proposed an incremental data extraction model based on variable time-window.The model extracts a small number of repetitive records and then de-duplicates them based on the idea of time-window.The model reduces the influence of the exception on the data extraction,enhances the reliability for extracting ETL process by the timestamp increment data,and improves the efficiency of data extraction.

Key words: Capture of changed data, Incremental extraction, Timestamp, ETL

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