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Study on Formal Verification of Secure Virtual Machine Monitor

CHEN Hao, LUO Lei, LI Yun, CHEN Li-rong   

  1. (School of Computer Science and Engineering,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,Chengdu 611731,China)
  • Received:2018-01-03 Revised:2018-03-20 Online:2019-03-15 Published:2019-03-22

Abstract: Virtualization equips the security-critical systems with multiple features,including partitioning and separation.As the core component,virtual machine monitor (VMM) serves as a backbone to the secure execution as well as a barrier to isolate the threats and faults of virtual machines.Following the principle of least privilege,this paper presented a method to decouple the VMM into two parts:kernel extension and user processes.Furthermore,a formal method by constructing abstraction layers is used to certify those key components of the VMM kernel extension.Then,the functional correctness property of the VMM are also proved.The experiment results show that the certified prototype achieves comparable efficiency as the mainstream virtualization solution.The decoupled design and formal verification improve the VMM security without imposing obvious performance degradation,and meet the requirement of the application fields.

Key words: Virtualization technology, Virtual machine monitor, Security isolation, Formal verification, Functional correctness

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