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Review of Shape Representation for Objects

WU Gang,XU Li-min   

  1. (Department of Electronic Business,Nanjing University of Finance and Economics,Nanjing 210003,China)
  • Received:2018-08-11 Online:2019-07-15 Published:2019-07-15

Abstract: Shape retrieve and objection are widely applied into medical diagnostics,target recognition,image retrieve and computer vision,etc.The efficient retrieve and objection of shapes completely depend on an excellent shape representation algorithm.This paper proposed the assessment criterion for shape representation.Then,according to the criterion,the existing shape representations were categorized into linear combination representations,spatial association relationship,feature representation based on differential and integral property of shapes and deformation representations.Each of these methods was analyzed and accessed in terms of mathematical principle,the ability of multiscale representation,variants,robust,reconstruction of original shapes,identification of signal and noise,etc.Furthermore,the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm were discussed,especially,explored from the principle of mathematics.Finally,the suggestions for the future research were also given.

Key words: Shape representation, Shape analysis, Object recognition, Shape retrieve, Image analysis

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