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Adaptive Multi-level Threshold Binaryzation Method for Optical Character Recognition in Mobile Environment

ZHU De-li1, YANG De-gang1, HU Rong2, WAN Hui1   

  1. (College of Computer and Information Science,Chongqing Normal University,Chongqing 401331,China)1
    (College of Computer and Information Science,Southwest University,Chongqing 400715,China)2
  • Received:2018-07-04 Published:2019-08-15

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of poor binaryzation quality caused by uneven illumination and uncontrollable environment in OCR applications of mobile terminals,this paper proposed an adaptive multi-level threshold binaryzation method based on integral graph.First,a specific sliding window is set by focusing on the points to be calculated.The normal threshold is the mean value of the sliding window where the current point is located.The two front sliding windows are weighted according to the Gauss function,and then the relaxation factor is obtained according to the weights.The relaxation threshold of pixels are obtained based on the evaluation of the relaxation factor and illumination condition.Experiments were carried out in typical mobile environments such as irregular shadows,multi-level illumination and linear light changes.Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro is used as the test equipment.The average recall of the algorithm is 95.5% and the average accuracy is 91%.The recognition accuracy of this algorithm is 96.8%,98.2% and 93.2% respectively in the environment of irregular shadow,multilevel illumination and linear light change.The result shows that the proposed algorithm has strong robustness and adaptability,and can meet the requirement of image preprocessing in the OCR application of mobile terminal

Key words: Mobile terminal, Image processing, Integral graph, Adaptive binaryzation, Optical character recognition

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