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Research on BPEL Test Sequence Generation for Web Services Combination


  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: A kind of concurrent-based mode of control flow was proposed for the analysis and verification of interactions of Web services composition,which contains many complex concurrent behaviors using BPEL language.A formal for concurrent control flow and an efficient algorithm were also presented to generate BPEL testing sequence.First,we discussed many possible situations in Web services process by analyzing BPEL files,and translated the BPEL process source code into concurrent flow diagram to simplify the model.Then,the algorithm of executive paths of services composition process was discussed,and the algorithm can find out the sum of all executive paths and node passed by the paths.Finally,an example of composite service was given to proof the usability.The algorithm is the basis of full-scale test of Web services composition process,the research and implement of web services composition.

Key words: Web services,Composition testing,Mapping conversion,BPEL process,Composition route

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