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SHMA:Monitoring Architecture for Clouds

CHEN Lin, YING Shi and JIA Xiang-yang   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Monitoring plays a significant role in ensuring the availability of cloud computing,because of the complex architecture of cloud and the unpredictability of workload.It provides the real-time monitoring data,the status of the running system,and helps to discover the defects and optimize system performance.However,due to the heterogeneity of cloud,the resources on cloud are often dynamic,diverse and enormous scale,which bring about a great challenge for cloud monitoring.To solve this problem,we proposed a scalable and hierarchical monitoring architecture for clouds (SHMA).SHMA uses microservices to create each independent component of the scalable monitoring system.It realizes the goal of offering cloud providers and cloud consumers to have an overview of the resources on three levels of clouds,including the runtime information of application services,middleware and infrastructure.Finally,we used a case of comprehensive disaster reduction system on CloudStack to evaluate the effectiveness of the architecture.

Key words: Cloud monitoring,Microservices,Scalable,Hierarchical

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