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Packing Method Based on Wang-Landau Sampling for Simplified Satellite Module with Static Non-equilibrium Constraints

LIU Jing-fa, HUANG Juan, JIANG Yu-cong, LIU Wen-jie and HAO Liang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: With the background of the three-dimensional layout optimization problem on the bearing plate of the simplified satellite module,we studied the cylinder and cuboid mixed layout problem with static non-equilibrium constraints.To address this problem,the Wang-Landau sampling algorithm,which has been successful applied to statistic physics and the protein structure prediction problem,is introduced to solve the packing problem of satellite module at the first time.The Wang-Landau sampling algorithm can produce a flat histogram of energy by sampling the energies of the whole energy space effectively,so as to estimate the density of states of all possible energiesin the range accurately.By incorporating the steepest descent method with an accelerating strategy and the translation of the center of mass into the Wang-Landau sampling algorithm,an improved Wang-Landau sampling algorithm was proposed.The computational results of two classic instances from the literature show that the convergence rate and the quality of solution of the improved Wang-Landau sampling algorithm outperform other algorithms in literature.

Key words: Static non-equilibrium constraint,Wang-Landau sampling algorithm,Packing of satellite module,Steepest descent method

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