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Multi-objective Signal Simulation Optimization for Urban Oversaturated Arterial

GAO Guang, ZHAO Xin-can and WANG Li-ming   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: To resolve signal optimization problem of urban oversaturated arterial,a traffic signal simulation optimization model was put forward by analyzing the impact of traffic control objective on vehicle queue.This model takes green split,phase sequence,offset and cycle length as optimized parameters.Meanwhile,vehicle average delay,system average queue-lane length ratio and system capacity are selected as optimized goal.In order to implement the model,a framework was constructed,in which the microscopic traffic simulation environment established by ourselves is used to acquire the evaluation index of special signal scheme.And the repeated individual problem of multi-objective optimization algorithm (NSGA II) is improved,thereby the simultaneous optimization of signal timing scheme of arterial intersections is comleted.Finally,the collected traffic data from arterial consisted of three intersections were used to verify the model.The experimental results indicate that the proposed model not only can effectively control the vehicle queue length and ba-lance the vehicle distribution,but also has better performance on the system capacity and average delay.

Key words: Multi-objective optimization,Oversaturated arterial,Signal optimization,Microscopic traffic simulation

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