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Summary of Stylized Line Drawing Generation

LIU Zi-qi,LIU Shi-guang   

  1. (College of Intelligence and Computing,Tianjin University,Tianjin 300350,China)
  • Received:2018-08-21 Online:2019-07-15 Published:2019-07-15

Abstract: Line drawing has a great advantage in the transmission of visual information.As a simple and effective means of visual communication,it stresses main features of the details so that people can get the main information quickly.At the same time,stylized line drawing,as an art form,enables people to appreciate and understand their artistic characte-ristics quickly.Line drawing generation technology can be divided into 2D image-based methods and 3D image-based methods.Line drawing generation technology based on 2D images includes deep learning method and traditional me-thod,which contains data drive method and non-data-driven method.Line drawing generation technology based on 3D model contains image space method,object space method and their blending method.By introducing and analyzing va-rious methods and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of different methods with comparisons among them,this paper summarized the existing problems of line drawing generation technology and their possible solutions.And on this basis,the future development trend of line painting was prospected.

Key words: Line drawing, Style, 2D image, 3D model, Example-based, Data-driven

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