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Suppression Algorithm of Network Fluctuation Hop Signal Based on Perturbation Characteristic Decomposition and Feedforward Modulation

CHEN Wei-jun and SUI Dan   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: In the network switching and data communication,a network time-frequency hop resonant signal can be produced,and such fluctuation hop signal should be suppressed to improve network stability.An improved suppression algorithm of network fluctuation hop signal was proposed based on perturbation characteristic decomposition and feedforward modulation,and the network fluctuation hop signal resonant mathematical model was constructed.The ray model was used to estimate the transmission loss,Doppler frequency shift algorithm was used to extract disturbance characteristics,and slowly varying envelope slice was used to gather the signal energy in the disturbance direction.In the Hilbert space,perturbation characteristic decomposition was obtained,the feedforward filter was designed,and the signal suppression was completed.The simulation results show that this algorithm can effectively suppress the resonant signal in network fluctuation hop,the information loss is avoided,data packet loss rate is reduced,and it has good real-time performance.The problems such as network startup delay,server load,trembling are solved.

Key words: Network,Disturbance feature decomposition,Signal,Feedforward modulation

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