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Study on Grassmann Manifold Dimension Reduction and Its Application

ZENG Qing-song, HUANG Xiao-yu and ZHONG Run-lu   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: The key issues of video based face recognition is how to model facial images and measure the similarity between two models.To this end,a dimension reduction method in the Grassmann manifold was proposed to improve the performance of set matching.Firstly,an image set is modeled with a subspace,and the basic element of the Grassmann manifold is presented as the projection matrix by projection mapping.Then,to solve the problem of computational overhead with high dimension matrix,while the model cannot strictly describe the distribution with fewer samples,a two dimensional principal component analysis is implemented to reduce the dimension of the orthogonal basis matrix.By applying QR decomposition on the matrix,a lower dimension and tighten Grassmann manifold is obtained,which can be better to model the image set.Finally,a kernel function that mapped the orthogonal basis matrix from a Grassmann manifold to Euclidean space is used to classify image sets.Extensive experimental results on shared video based dataset show that the proposed method is an effective object matching and face recognition method based on set-to-set matching,and it outperforms other state of the art set-based matching methods with lower computational cost.

Key words: Subspace,Set matching,Grassmann manifold,Projection metric,2DPCA

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