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Visual Attention Modeling Based on Multi-scale Fusion of Amplitude Spectrum and Phase Spectrum

YUAN Xiao-yan, WANG An-zhi, PAN Gang and WANG Ming-hui   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Aiming at the deficiency of most existing frequency domain saliency detection algorithms which only use frequency domain amplitude spectrum or phase spectrum information alone,a visual attention model combining multi-scale frequency amplitude spectrum and phase spectrum was proposed.Firstly,the amplitude spectrum and the phase spectrum are obtained by quaternary transforming the image,and then the gamma correction and Gaussian filtering are performed on the amplitude spectrum.Finally,the entropy is used as weight to fuse the multi-scale saliency map.On the two published data sets,Bruce and Judd,the ROC curve,AUC value and F-Measure method were used to validate and evaluate the algorithm.The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms five visual attention models, predicts the significant attention areas more accurately,and achieves more satisfactory results.

Key words: Multi-scale,Amplitude spectrum,Phase spectrum,Information entropy,Visual attention

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