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Shortest Path Network Routing Optimization Algorithm Based on Improved ITO Algorithm

MAN Zhen-zhen, YU Shi-ming and HE De-feng   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Through the analysis of shortest path problem on network routing,we built the network model of the shortest path routing problem by using ITO algorithm to get the lowest cost route optimization target.To speed up ITO lowest routing algorithm’s convergence speed,the proposed algorithm involves cost inspired factor in the state transition strategy,and hence improves path weight updating rules.The convergence speed and optimization capability are enhanced simultaneously by introducing the method of population cross and using the information exchange between populations.A 2-opt operator-based inversion operator is adopted to optimize the algorithm and to avoid falling into local optimal solution.The astringency of the algorithm was also analyzed systematically.The case study illustrates that the improved algorithm is effective to speed up the convergence speed and enhance optimization capability.

Key words: Route optimization,Shortest path,ITO algorithms,Network optimization

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