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Efficient Frequent Patterns Mining Algorithm Based on MapReduce Model

ZHU Kun, HUANG Rui-zhang and ZHANG Na-na   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Along with the rapid development of Internet and the rapid growing group of users,many Internet services companies have to manage TB size or higher amount of data every day.How to find useful information in this big data era is becoming an important problem.The data mining algorithm has been widely used in many fields,and finding frequent itemsets is one of the most common and primary applications of data mining,and Apriori algorithm is the most typical algorithm for finding frequent itemsets from a big transaction database.However,when the dataset size is rather huge or a single host is used,the memory would be quickly exhausted and the computation time would also increase dramatically,which make the algorithm performance inefficient.Parallel and distributed computing based on the MapReduce framework has been proposed.An improved reformative MMRA (Matrix MapReduce Algorithm) algorithm which should convert the blocked data into matrixs to find all frequent k-itemsets was proposed in this paper,and the proposed algorithm was compared with current two existed algorithms(one-phase algorithm and k-phase algorithm).Adapting Hadoop-MapReduce as the experiment platform,parallel and distributed computing offer a potential solution for processing vast amount of data.Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the other two algorithms.

Key words: Hadoop,MapReduce,Distributed computing,Data mining,Frequent itemset mining,Apriori algorithm

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