Started in January,1974(Monthly)
Supervised and Sponsored by Chongqing Southwest Information Co., Ltd.
ISSN 1002-137X
CN 50-1075/TP
  • Computer Science(Monthly)was established in 1974 ,its original title was Computer Applications and Applied Mathematics(until 1979) . Computer Science  is sponsored by Chongqing Southwest Information Co., Ltd, and is the Journal of CCF (China Computer Federation).The journal mainly reports the dynamic development, methodologies and techniques involving a wide range, and International advanced research productions of computer science and technology at home and abroad.

    As the editor-in-chief of Computer SciencePro. Chen Guoliang is the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and holds some posts in University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, etc.


    The main columns of Computer Science include:

    Theoretical Computer Science

    Computer Architecture

    Computer Software

    Database/Big data/Data Science

    Computer Graphics/Multimedia

    Artificial Intelligence

    Human-Computer Interaction/Pervasive Computing

    Computer Network

    Information Security


    Computer Science is a member journal of CCF, and has been included in many important national and international index databases, such as CSCD,GCJC, CSA ,IC , UPD, JST.

    Readers of Computer Science are the students of college, researches and technicists engaged in the field of computer science and technology.

    Computer Science insists the combination of frontal subjects and basic researches, the combination of core technologies and support techniques, and the combination of advocacy and contention. In order to make the field of computer science and technology in our country standing in the head of the world and to reach the international advanced level, we focus on reporting the development of computer science and technology at home and abroad to activate the academic atmosphere.

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