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DOA Estimating Algorithm Based on Grid-less Compressive Sensing

ZHANG Xing-hang, GUO Yan, LI Ning and SUN Bao-ming   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

摘要: 应用传统的压缩感知理论对天线阵列信号的波达方向(Direction-of-arrival,DOA) 进行估计,存在基的失配问题。基于交替方向乘子法 (Alternative Direction Method of Multiplier,ADMM) 的无网格压缩感知(Grid-less Compressive Sensing) 技术能够解决该问题,但仍存在收敛速度慢的缺陷。针对该缺陷, 提出带自适应惩罚项的ADMM (ADMM with adaptive penalty,AP-ADMM)算法,即根据输入信号的噪声功率,自适应地选择惩罚项的初始值;同时在算法迭代求解的过程中,自适应地对目标函数的惩罚项进行调整。与传统算法相比,在保证收敛精度和DOA的恢复成功概率的条件下,带自适应惩罚项的ADMM算法收敛速率明显加快。仿真结果验证了新算法的有效性。

关键词: 波达方向估计,无网格压缩感知,带自适应惩罚项的ADMM算法

Abstract: The basis mismatch is existing in the DOA estimation problem by traditional compressive sensing theory.Applying the grid-less compressive sensing technology based on the ADMM algorithm is a wonderful solution,but the convergence rate of the traditional ADMM algorithm was low.To solve this problem,the AP-ADMM algorithm was proposed in this paper.According to the power of the input signals,the AP-ADMM algorithm is able to choose the original numerical value of the penalty adaptively.In addition,the proposed algorithm converges with the ite-rating adaptive penalty.The convergence rate of the proposed algorithm is much higher than the traditional ADMM algorithm.Meanwhile,the accuracy and the probability of successful restoration of the proposed algorithm are approximate with the the traditional ADMM algorithm.The simulation results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

Key words: DOA,Grid-less compressive sensing,AP-ADMM algorithm

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