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Medium Access Control Protocol of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Gradient Information

YANG Bing, ZHANG Ke-ke, LI Guo-hui and HE Wei-kang   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: In wireless sensor networks(WSN),medium access control (MAC) protocols determine the usage mode of wireless channel and allocate shared radio resource among sensor nodes.In this paper,we introduced a new channel competition mechanism to allocate the channel resources for the nodes.The protocol utilizes the signal strength collected by nodes to partition gradients.Based on that,we assigned the nodes in the event region to different time period to contend for the channel.The simulation result proves this method has lightened the burden of channel.And we proposed a self-adaptive gradients partition algorithm which makes the gradients partition more flexible and can adapt to the changes of the network topology very well.At the same time,a gradient jumping mechanism to reduce latency caused by gradients partition was designed.At last,this protocol also gives a strategy to control the distortion of reconstruction caused by spatial correlation of nodes.

Key words: Wireless sensor networks,Spatial correlation,MAC,Gradient partition

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