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Geographical Watermarking Method Supporting Incremental and Multiple Watermark Embedding

LIAO Zhang XIONG Sheng-chao PENG Zhi-yong PENG Yu-wei   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: There are a lot of geographical data watermarking methods,but most of them lack consideration for the protection of fractional geographical data.This paper analyzed incremental and multiple watermarking problems on geographical data.Based on variable step quantization modulation technique,this paper proposed a watermarking method which can be used for both incremental and multiple watermark embedding.By dividing the feature set points into two disjoint subsets and zooming up/out all points in the subsets respectively,the method ensures the watermark embedding without disturbing the multiple watermarks,and guarantees that all the vertices are modified within the scope of fidelity for one time.So fidelity is controlled.In addition,by using the zoom modulation strategy,the shape of geographical data is preserved as well as possible.Experiments show that the method can meet the requirements of the incremental and multiple watermarks,and has good robustness as well.

Key words: Geographical data,Incremental watermark,Multiple watermark,Fidelity

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