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Operational Architecture Modeling Based on Information Flow

YANG Ying-hui, LI Jian-hua, NAN Ming-li and TIAN Yan-tao   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: To depict information flow structure of systematic operations synthetically and describe complex dynamic information disposal and alternation situation among operational activities and units carefully,this paper introduced information flow analysis method.Three information flow factors of entity,relationship and attribute were defined,relationships among entities were analyzed and four information mapping rules of activity→activity,activity→node,node→activity and node→node were given with information flow as main line.According to basic modeling flows,models of ope-rational activity,node and information alternation were built.Finally,an example of aerial assault operation was taken for validation as simulation.The results show that the method and models proposed are feasible and effective,and can describe complex information alternation relationship in operational systems and present dynamic process of information flow impenetrating operational activities,which provide a new method for operational architecture modeling and information requirement analysis.

Key words: Information flow,Operation,Architecture,Mapping rule,Model

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