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Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method Based on Measure of Medium Truth Degree

XU Wen-hua, CHEN Hai-yan, ZHANG Yu-ping and WANG Jian-dong   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Aiming at the problems that most of the existing comprehensive evaluation methods give rigid evaluation results,and they do not apply to the evaluation of objects with fuzzy factors,a comprehensive evaluation method based on measure of medium truth degree was proposed.The processes of the measure of medium truth degree and the methods of setting the parameters were designed respectively when different types of indexes,such as beneficial index,cost index and interval index,were given.Afterwards,the intermediary fuzzy evaluation matrix was constructed based on the mea-surement results of medium truth degree.Intermediary mathematical system was created for processing fuzzy information.Compared to the traditional fuzzy evaluation method,the comprehensive evaluation method based on the measure of medium truth degree is more objective so that it is able to deal with fuzzy phenomenon more effectively.The comparative experimental results indicate that compared to other evaluation methods,the proposed method is valid and has certain advantages.

Key words: Measure of medium truth degree,Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation,Membership function,Intermediary entropy,Multi-attribute architecture

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