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High Stability Low Delay Spanning Tree Algorithm for Application Layer Multicast

CUI Jian-qun, CHEN Ai-ling, XIA Zhen-chang and WU Li-bing   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Since application layer multicast(ALM) relies on terminal hosts to forward multicast data,any intermediate node fails or quits would result in the system stability problem.Meanwhile,ALM has strict requirement for multicast tree delay.To improve stability and data transmission efficiency,this paper introduced a Spanning tree problem model SDMD based on stability probability,degree-constrained,and minimum diameter for ALM,according to the influencing factor of ALM stability and delay.The SDMD problem was proved to be NP-hard and an approximation algorithm TG-Swas proposed to solve it.The simulation result demonstrates the advantages of TG-S algorithm in average receiving delay,multicast tree delay and accumulative interrupt times.

Key words: Application layer multicast,Stability,Minimum delay,NP-hard,Time gaining

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